Trial HSC Examinations arrive in schools on Tuesday July 23, 2024 (week 1, term 3). Preliminary exams will be dispatched to arrive in schools on Tuesday August 27, 2024 (week 6, term 3).

‘NSW Independent Trial Exams’ have been providing exceptional quality exams to NSW high schools since 1992.


(NSW High Schools ONLY)

In 2024, our 33rd year of operation, our specialist teams will develop 150 Black Line Master exams composed of over 60 Trial HSC, over 50 Preliminary HSC and over 30 Years 7 to 10 Final Exams. In the order of 40,000 exams are distributed annually to ALL NSW High Schools. All Exams are prepared by recognised course experts and are released as questions, answers, marking guides and mapping grids.

For over 20 years, we have been supporters of the Children’s Cancer Institute. In total over $680,000 donated from 2000 to 2023. We encourage schools to support the Children’s Cancer Institute –

We continue to support the conservation of threatened species including the return of the previously extinct in the wild Spix’s macaw into secured habitat in Brazil and the preservation of threatened avian species within Australia

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Updated on 6th November, 2023