Our Trial HSC Examinations will arrive as usual on the first day of term 3, Tuesday July 21, 2020, with the security period now ending 2pm Wednesday September 2, 2020 (week 7, term 3).


We now offer our past exams as both printed Past Paper Workbooks and emailed exams.

Printed Past Paper Workbooks

  • We offer printed “Past Paper Workbooks” at $10 per student. For $10 each student receives a book containing any 3 of our past exams and a second book containing the corresponding solutions and marking criteria. Details are included in the “Past Exams Order Form” flyer/order form – samples for selected courses are available upon request.

Emailed Past Exams

  • Our past exams for Trial HSC, Year 11 Preliminary and Years 7-10 are available back to the 2000-2001 syllabus changes at $12 per emailed examination. Emailed exams may be cut and pasted to create revision, topic, term or half-yearly examinations.
  • Please note Geography has separate stimulus colour broadsheets which are mailed hard copies. Similarly, Music and Visual Arts are hard copy only due to included CDs and colour plates respectively.

Order Forms

To order exams, please e-mail us: info@ite.nsw.edu.au.

Updated on 10th November, 2020