Trial HSC Examinations arrive in schools on Tuesday July 19, 2022 (week 1, term 3). Preliminary exams will be dispatched to arrive in schools on Tuesday August 23, 2022 (week 6, term 3).

Can anyone purchase your exams?

No. Our exams are only available to schools and TAFEs.

Who writes your exams?

For each examination we have a team of contributors led by a coordinator. Each exam coordinator and all contributors are expert teachers in their subject area, most have HSC marking experience and many have worked on HSC examination and syllabus committees.

How is security of the examinations enforced?

All schools who purchase current year exams agree to abide by our strict security procedures. Breaches of these procedures are investigated and legal action is taken to ensure the integrity of the examinations for all schools.

When will our Trial HSC Exams arrive?

All current year Trial HSC exams arrive in schools the first week of Term 3.

When will our Year 11 Preliminary exams arrive?

All current year Preliminary Year 11 exams arrive in schools week 6 of term 3.

When will our Year 7-10 exams arrive?

All current year 7 to 10 exams arrive in schools during the first week of term 4.

Can we alter examinations?

Schools are free to alter our exams as they see fit.

How many copies of each exam will we receive?

Each school is sent a single master copy. The school makes exactly the number of copies as students who will sit the exam.

Why can't we get softcopies of current year exams?

Security of the examinations is paramount. For this reason we do not release softcopies of any current year Trial HSC or Year 11 Preliminary exams until after the security period has lapsed.

Do you sell current year and past papers to tutoring schools or individuals?

Absolutely not. Strict measures are in place to ensure current year examinations are sent only to NSW institutions accredited to teach NESA syllabuses. Past papers can be purchased by schools in other states as well as NSW schools.

Who buys these exams?

Every NSW High School purchases our examinations.

How long have you been in operation?

NSW Independent Trial exams commenced operation in 1992 with the release of a single Biology paper. This was soon followed by a range of Computing, Mathematics and further Science exams. Today we produce some 146 exams annually.

How many exams do you produce?

In 2021, our 30th year of operation, our specialist teams will develop 146 Black Line Master exams composed of 59 Trial HSC, 55 Preliminary HSC and 32 Years 7 to 10 Final Exams

When do we pay for our exams?

All schools are invoiced for current year exams in November. Experience has shown that a large number of schools make multiple orders throughout the year so it is simpler for everyone if we invoice once per year. Past papers are invoiced soon after they are emailed or delivered.

What is included with each exam?

A blackline copy of the examination questions, full answers, marking guides and mapping grids. Some exams have further accessories such as colour stimulus booklets, colour plates or audio CDs.

How are Year 7 to 10 examinations delivered?

To ensure security for all schools, all our 2021 exams, including Year 7-10, will be express post delivered as hard copies. Year 7-10 exams will be available as emailed soft copies upon request – instructions for obtaining soft copies will be included with each exam hard copy.

When does the security period for 2021 Trial HSC exams finish?

An extension to our usual Security Period due to COVID restrictions applies for 2021 Trial HSC exams. The normal Security Period ends as normal on Friday 2pm August 20, 2021 (end of week 6, term 3). The additional modified Security Period commences 2pm August 20, 2021 through to 2pm on September 17, 2021 – the last day of term 3. Details have been sent to all schools.

When does the security period for 2021 Year 11 Preliminary exams finish?

Security Period for 2021 Prelim exams ends Wednesday 2pm September 15, 2021 (week 10, term 3).

When does the security period for 2021 Year 7-10 exams finish?

Security Period for 2021 7-10 exams ends Friday 2pm November 5, 2021 (end week 5, term 4).

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