Our Trial HSC Examinations arrived in schools on Tuesday July 13, 2021, with an extended/modified security period ending 2pm Friday September 17, 2021 (last day of term 3).

NSW Independent Trial Exams

The ‘NSW Independent Trial Exams’ provides Trial HSC, Year 11 Preliminary and Year 7 – 10 final exams to all NSW high schools.

Our experienced contributors have syllabus expertise, with the ability to create accurate exam questions and marking guidelines.

Other Information

Please Note: NSW Independent Trial Exams supply to NSW High Schools ONLY.

$30,000+ per year ($574,000 in 2000-2020) is donated to the Children’s Cancer Institute – Australia. This donation assists in the research of Professor Murray Norris and his team into the early detection of relapse in children with leukaemia.

For more information please visit: http://www.ccia.org.au

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